Indoor Gardening: Narcissus Update

I couldn’t get over the iridescence on the back of the ivy leaves in the sunshine. So pretty.

I have to say, I am disappointed in the Paperwhite Ziva Narcissus bulbs. They managed to only put out one tiny grouping of flowers per set of bulbs, and one set of bulbs put out flowers that looked extremely like Daffodils, not paperwhites. They were very cute flowers, but not nearly as many as I expected to get. They were also very tall and spindly, in spite of being in direct sun for 4-5 hours every day since they came out of cold storage.

Spent blossoms. Still pretty. I know lots of people think its time to throw flowers out when they start to look like this. But I love to watch the break down process, it’s beautiful.

Almost positive these were daffodils, not paperwhites. The Petal shape was entirely different from the others, as well as the yellow centre.

The last set blooming, a lovely handful of blossoms, but not the large amounts I was expecting.

A few weeks ago I started another indoor gardening project. A good friend had mentioned she wanted more house plants, so she came over to visit, and picked out a few she’d like me to start for her. So I’ve taken cuttings of my Ivy, our curly spider plants, the ficus tree, and the philodendron. Somewhere in the days after I took the cuttings the dogs knocked a chunk of the jade plant on the floor, and then another chunk of ivy broke off when I was moving its pot. So my little test tubes are full of things growing roots while they sit in the sun. Someday I’ll post a picture of my test tube setup, my dad made a stand for them.

Curly Spider Plant roots

Ivy roots (Jade stem is the brown on the left)

more Ivy (Philodendron hasn’t started roots yet)

Pansy Seedlings

Ivy stem and roots

Ficus root fibers starting

Narcissus roots, well along, I think they’re pretty.

Pampas Grass seedlings

Alien periscope? Baby Nessy? Dracaena? You decide…