I've had a good week. I've gotten a lot of things done. I feel like I'm finally coming out of a depressive rut I've been stuck in for what feels like months. I managed to check all 3 of my big project goals off the to-do list this week. I kept on track with my new financial plan.

And I met one friend for coffee and went skating with some other friends.

But in terms of blogging and photography its been a bit of a fail week. I haven't blogged since Monday.

I had an epiphany on Tuesday and wrote a whole blog post about it. But haven't gotten round to posting it yet. So that'll be coming out this weekend.

Anyway, I'm feeling better than I have in a while, so cheers to better days ahead.

I think March has come in like a lion: yesterday we had -2, and today the highest it got was -20 for an hour or two. To me, that qualifies as lion weather. So fingers crossed it'll go out like a lamb. We're that much closer to outdoor gardening season!

Enjoy your weekend!