Comfort Zones

It's fascinating to me how quickly I latch onto new comfort zones.

When I first started blogging about indoor gardening and growing plants it was a bit unfamiliar, but it was positive. Even if I didn't know much, I liked talking about it.

Fast-forward a few weeks, and here we are where gardening is not my default blogging topic if I'm feeling anxious or depressed or stressed out. I still don't know much about gardening, but it's more comfortable to talk about every day than my mental health, or writing, or even photography.

On that note, the seeds we planted just over a week ago (and almost 3 weeks ago) have started coming up, so I thought I'd share some pictures of the tiny little sprouts. It's so exciting to check the tray every day and see some new little green bits poking out.

The Pansies and Pampas Grass are on day 9, the Dracaena are on day 22. Click on the photos to bring up a larger version and click through the set.