Indoor Gardening: Narcissus Blooms!

My narcissus have popped out their first two little blooms! I'm excited to watch them develop over the next little while. Today is day 31 since I started them. It's been a fascinating process to check in on them every couple of days.

This indoor gardening endeavour has been an extremely positive endeavour for my mental health this winter. I’m hoping next winter I can get stuck in to some other types of gardening even earlier, and keep the positive momentum going.

Since I brought these out into the light they've shot up, and the colour of the leaves has deepened intensely - yay photosynthesis! They're looking great, and I can't wait to see them bloom more. They’re just tiny little buds so far, each one about the size of my pinky fingernail. It’s amazing how much delight I’ve had in just watching these plants develop. This stuff “sparks joy” in me. I won’t be applying the KonMari method to my plant collection, that’s for sure. Though I am glad to propagate cuttings and clippings to share with friends and family.

I'm going to do some research into how to save the bulbs from the irises, crocuses, and the hyacinth. The irises and crocuses are nearing the end of their bloom cycle, though the hyacinth is still holding strong.

A good friend of my mine stopped by today to "shop" our plant collection. I'm going to start some cuttings of a few things for her. I've got some test tubes I'm going to use. My dad drilled some holes into a block of wood for me today so I can use that as a base for the test tubes, so they don't get knocked over. So, once I've got those started I'll be tracking that progress with photos as well. Once my pansies and pampas grass start coming up I'll track those as well.

We'll also be putting in our seed order for the garden soon, so I'll have lots of things to plant and chronicle and monitor once we get our bedding plants started, so stay tuned!

This has kind of turned into a gardening blog, with occasional mental health and photography posts. I'm ok with that.