Seeing Light

For a long time, I had this idea that if I could just "learn to see light" then I'd become a great photographer. "Learning to see light" is a popular phrase in photography. And in some ways it is. Learning how light falls, reflects, can be diffused, and is absorbed can really improve your photography.

I think I've come a long way in my understanding of light as a photographer, but I've still got much to learn.

I also thought I'd have become some elegant, refined, and classy artist when I learned to see light well.

Some days light just provides me with amusement. The reflections on my glasses in this shot highly amused me. They are the reflections of my ceiling light and a lamp in my bedroom. The placement of the reflections, which admittedly involved plenty of adjusting the angle of my head and phone, amuses me. It reminds me of pop art or comic art graphics. It could be tears? Or thought bubbles? or anything really.

Managing to align them to the corner of my eye has amused me greatly.

So seeing light can be serious, but don't let it be too serious. Look for fun things in the light and shadows that make you smile.


I’m shooting a yoga retreat all this weekend, so there probably won’t be much for blogs or social media posts until next week.