Some people pick a word every year to be their focus word or theme for the year. Maybe some area of their life that they'd like to improve on, like family, or relationships, or intentionality. I like the idea of this. But I also struggle to pick one word, there is so many different concepts that I could work on. It can be overwhelming.

So, I've just started noticing what words show up in my life frequently. In 2018 the word that beat me over the head was "storytelling". I didn't clue in until about halfway through the year. When I look back at 2018, storytelling was a huge theme over the course of the whole year.

I didn't try to pick a word for 2019. I thought I'd wait and see what comes up consistently. I expected it to take a few months for me to notice a pattern of one word showing up regularly. It's almost the end of January, and I've already noticed it. The word I'm noticing everywhere, and the concept I'm looking for in my life, is balance.

I think this is will be a good learning process for me. Balance is something I definitely struggle with, work/life balance, relationships balance, health balance, mental health balance. It will be interesting to see how the word plays out in my life over the course of this year.

Have you noticed a word showing up consistently in your life lately? Do you think it would benefit you to focus on that concept this year?