Indoor Gardening: Bulbs Update!

I had to cram in one last post before I head off because my bulbs are growing in leaps and bounds right now!

We’re at day 23 for the Paperwhite Ziva Narcissus that I started. The two slower growing ones are now just over 3 inches, so I’ve moved them all out of the cold room this morning. My sister got some yesterday and has started them, so I’ll be able to watch them develop as well.

Notice the difference in color of the one that’s been in the light for awhile already? I’ll be curious to see how much the color changes on the other two while I’m gone, now that they’re in the light.

The tallest one, that has been out in the light now since last Saturday, has got the beginnings of a bud showing. I’m hoping it will wait until I get home on Sunday to actually start blooming. I’m going to get my sister to take a photo of it tomorrow and Sunday morning, just in case it starts blooming before I get home.

The Hyacinth that we bought last week has bloomed super fast. It was almost ready to bloom when we brought it home, so that’s not too surprising. It has insisted on nearly falling over. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Hyacinth that actually manages to stand straight up after it starts blooming? They’re quite top-heavy.

I may have to resort to shooting white flowers on a black background for more definition.

The Irises have also started blooming. They’re very pretty. I think purple and white are probably my favourite colors for flowers.

The Crocuses are not showing any signs of blooming quite yet, but I’m sure they won’t be too far behind.


And, last but not least, my dad found this little guy in his truck the other day. He’s a little out of season! We brought him in the house, and gave him some orange and banana and water. I know it looks like he’s dead, but he’s not. Whenever I check on him he’s moved around to a new position. Just a little while ago he was standing up. We’ll see what happens. Poor little guy, don’t know where he came from, unless perhaps he was living in the garage? Anyway, we’ll keep him safe for as long as he wants to stay with us.