Indoor Gardening: Seedling Roundup

So I've gone round and done some photos of all of our seedlings that are up already. We have six varieties of tomatoes. A few large sizes, as well as a couple of cherry types. Our greenhouse can handle about 10-15 tomato plants, and we've got way more than that... I don't really want to count the flower seedlings we've got.

So, if you are a friend of mine and have a summer birthday, you can expect to receive some sort of plant for your birthday this year. So if you've seen something you might fancy in one of these posts, let me know. I'm sure we could part with a few. That said, I won't be giving away any of the Pampas Grass.

Why won't I give away any of the pampas grass?

Well, basically I impulse purchased and did not do research. There are a few problems with Pampas grass.

  1. It is an extremely invasive species.

  2. It self-seeds like crazy.

  3. It is not hardy in our zone.

  4. It needs an extremely long season (120+ days), so it probably won't actually produce blooms here.

Hopefully, No. 3 (it really only grows well in a Mediterranean climate, zone 8 ) means 1 and 2 won't be problems. But, I don't feel like its a good idea to knowingly share a problem plant. It is actually illegal to grow pampas grass in certain


  • Early Girl

  • Centennial Rocket

  • Cherry Sugar

  • Cherry Jasper

  • Charles Red Staker

  • Prairie Pride


  • Dracaena Spikes

  • Pink Pampas Grass


  • Riviera Lobelia

  • Calibrachoa

  • Super Elfin Impatiens

  • Pansy

  • Pink Storm Petunias

  • Crystal Palace Petunias

My plant cuttings are also rooting up well, I really need to pot them up.

And ,for good measure, I stopped by Parkland Garden Centre while I was in Red Deer today.

My happy place, surrounded by plants in a lovely warm greenhouse.

My happy place, surrounded by plants in a lovely warm greenhouse.