Indoor Gardening: Seedlings!

Root bound Pansy seedlings out of their starter planter.

Root bound Pansy seedlings out of their starter planter.

Yesterday I finally got round to transplanting my Pansy and Pampas Grass seedlings. It should have been done a week ago, they were getting pretty root bound! They’re 43 days old now, and they’re into 4-packs, with 3 seedlings per cell. Probably a little bit thick, but we ran out of trays.

I think they’ll be much happier now and since pansy’s are so quick to bloom it probably won’t be too long before we’ve got blooms.

Here you can sort of see the process of transplanting up.

Separating the seedlings from the bunch

Mum gently transplanting them into their 4-pack.

Finished trays of transplanted pansy seedlings.

Pansys and Pampas Grass all transplanted. Now they’re back under the lights to recover from the trauma.

Mum’s light table set up. I took this before I transplanted the Pampas Grass and the last couple of Pansys in the tray that’s labeled “Blue/white Lobelia”, its not Lobelia.

lots of other things are coming up already. I should have done a timelapse on the light tables, but I can’t find the tripod I usually use for my phone, so I couldn’t. I’ll do some better photos with my actual camera tomorrow instead of my phone, and post a rundown of everything we’ve got going. Mostly its flowers and tomatoes. It’s been above zero every day the past week so our snow is disappearing fast.

Wednesday is officially the first day of spring. It’s not really spring in Alberta, but if nothing else we definitely know that spring is on the way now. Once when I was quite young we had such an early spring that we were planting the garden on April 1st. We won’t be getting that this year for sure, there’s still about 10 inches of snow on the garden to melt, so I’m sure it’ll be mid to late April before we get the first things in the ground. Luckily we can get things in the ground in the greenhouse much sooner than that.

I can’t wait for the first time we can go for a visit to a one of the plant nursery’s around and poke through the babies and pick up some new friends. We’re heading into the best part of the year!