Today is one of those Monday's where you start off pretty well and you think it's going to be ok and then you do something that derails everything. In my case, misunderstanding someone. So after the misunderstanding, I made some decisions that ended up wasting a bunch of time when I should have been working if only I'd thought to take my laptop with me when I left the house.

Then I worked at the yoga studio, took a class, and things seemed to be getting better. Until I got home, where everyone wanted to go for a dog walk immediately. Hangry me decided I'd go with them, and then proceeded to slip twice on the slick pavement. So any sense of relaxation from the yoga class is gone and now my lower back is tensed up again.

Monday's still happen, even when you work from home and have a somewhat flexible schedule. Now I'm parked in bed with my computer with another hour or two of work to do tonight, but hey, at least I get to be comfortable and cozy and warm while I do it, instead of being parked at an office desk with annoying dress clothes and dress shoes on.

Cheers to Tuesday!