I'll garden, dammit...

...even if I have to grow the plants on my own body.

These sorts of self-portraits are some of the most fun to make. Hopefully, once winter tramples off I can find some more fun things to do outside. I'm a bit limited on space and backdrops inside. I think it would be fun to collaborate with someone else as well, so I can do more elaborate setups like this on someone else's body.

I don't really plan out shoots like this. I don't have an exact vision for what I wanted to achieve when I start. I have a loose idea and I let it develop as I fiddle with the elements. For this particular set, the idea has slowly developed over a few weeks.

I've been wanting to do more of my botanical art type things with my body as the canvas.

I've wanted to challenge myself to do a shoot with plants from the produce section of my grocery store.

I've been wanting to work more with live plants instead of fake ones.

So I finally got at it today. There was so many items in the produce section of the grocery store that caught my eye today, herbs seemed the least intimidating for a first try. I have many more ideas.

I didn't want to overwhelm myself with too many options or end up wasting the items I bought. So, I just got one package of sage. I only used about half of it, and only the ones that are actually stuck to my leg are going in the trash. The extras that were lying on the floor are now in my flower press, so I'll be able to use them in another project down the road. The few stems I didn't use I trimmed the ends and have stuck in water to see what happens. If they root I'll pot them and see how they grow.