Briana Huether: Collector of Botanical Orphans

I can't say no when someone is getting rid of plants and they ask if I know anyone that would like their plants. I just can't. I've tried. I've even said, "no, I have too many plants at home already."

Then a few days later gone back and said, "oh, ok, I'll take it if no one else will."

That's how I acquired two more plants this week. One of which is very small and fairly inconsequential in the grand scheme of a plant collection (so far). The second one though is nearly as tall as me. And we already have one of its variety. It's a Ficus Benjamina. And it's in a bit of sad shape, it needs some love and TLC. The yoga studio I work at is closing, and the owner doesn't have room for it in her house.

So, of course, I brought it home. It's got big shoes to fill. The Ficus we already own is about 6 feet tall, and probably 6 feet in diameter.

But, plants make life better, and they have a positive impact on mental health. And since I can't garden outside in winter, at least I can have some living green inside the house. There's not much gardening to be done with houseplants. They don't tend to acquire much for weeds or bear much fruit, but they're still pleasant to have around.

One of these days I should take an inventory of our plants, and finally figure out how many we actually have in here.

Do you have houseplants? What's your favourite variety of houseplant?