Camping Winter Wonderland

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We went camping on Thursday, last week, out towards Nordegg. We just got home today. It was a fantastic extra long weekend. I've decided that shoulder seasons are my favourite times to travel. For the entire weekend, we were the only people in our campsites. Not another camper around, it was so quiet. The few waterfalls we visited were also very uncrowded. The last bonus was no bugs because it was cold. It was beautiful. I wanted to build myself a little cabin in the woods and never come home.

This morning we woke up to a winter wonderland after it had snowed. It was beautiful. I went for an early walk and made the first (human) tracks in the campground. I don't think there is anything as blissful as walking in the woods after the first snow. The snow continued to fall all morning, varying from tiny flakes to big soft, fluffy flakes. It was a beautiful way to end a great weekend.

I love these kinds of forests with lots of moss and a million trails to explore between the trees.

My view from the spot I was laying.