The June Roundup

June was a great month for photography. So many flowers, so many great sunsets, such beautiful weather, amazing clouds. This has been a great summer so far, even in spite of the amount of rain we've had so far in July. 

My birthday is this month, I'll be 30 this year. Naturally I'm going camping with my family, out of cell service for several days around my birthday. 

In June I shot 2167 photos total.
I posted 141 to my website and flickr, and a few less to instagram and facebook.

Sometime in June I started a project that I'll be turning into a time lapse when I finish it up. I've been taking a picture of City Hall Park in Red Deer every week since they started planting the flower beds. It will be interesting to see how the flowerbeds change over the course of the season.

I'm halfway through this 366 challenge, and its become more than just a habit now. Its like a compulsion, I cannot go to bed without taking and sharing atleast 1 photo every day. I'm thinking now that I would like to just continue this past the end of the year because it brings me a little bit of happiness and sanity every day.

Here's the gallery from June, enjoy!