Some pictures for ya

So, I didn't end up doing a challenge for December because it is such a hectic month. And I also wasn't super thrilled on my flash photos from November, so I've left it to posting the welding ones, which I was super stoked on. For 2016 I've decided to take atleast one thoughtful photo every day. Be that with my cell phone or DSLR (which I'm carrying every day with a 50mm), it has to be done. I'm not committing to posting them every single day because we all know there are times when you just don't have the time or energy to dump/process/upload. So far I've managed to post daily, but I know that won't always be the case. As long as I stop and think and take one thoughtful photo a day, I will be happy with myself. I already take atleast 1 photo a day messing around with my phone, so its more a matter of being mindful of that than anything else. With that said, I'm not limiting myself to just one photo a day. So, now that we've walked through all the guidelines, here's a selection so far from this month. Interesting note, two are iphone photos, and I've been feeling quite embarassed to post them to my Flickr, so perhaps that will be even more encouragement to shoot with my DSLR.