YYC Olympic Torch

Last week, Thursday night and Friday, the Olympic Flame on the Calgary Tower was lit in for the Olympic Celebrations in Calgary. I was really tempted to stay home when I found out from Twitter that it was lit, but I figured this may be one of few chances to see it. The weather was good, it was fairly warm, and there was no cloud between me and downtown. Additionally, I have a really great view of downtown from the ridge that is just at the end of my street. So I had no excuses to stay home. I went out for maybe 20 minutes, took around 45 shots, and this one is the one that is standing out so far. I haven't had time to really get through all of them yet, I might end up with a couple more cool ones. Credit for editing this photo to TH Photography

This semester is done in just over two weeks. I might be writing this while I'm in class...

I start that 365 Photo Challenge July 1st. I haven't decided yet if I will post here daily, or perhaps do a weekly roundup on Sundays or something of the week's photos. I will post to the photos daily to my Flickr (Brianarmh) account, so at the very least they will all be there if you want to follow along. 

Let me know what you think of this shot!