Extremely Overdue Garden Catchup with video!

My recent selfie with my purple faux flower crown and the blooming lilac hedge.

Ok, wow, I totally fell off the blogging wagon and got run over by it.

Anyway, here's a quick update on our garden so far this year, and a video I just posted.

While I was gone to Terrace, BC (there's a video coming about that trip, too) Mum and Dad finished the garden fence and worked the garden with the rototiller.

I got home on May 26. On Monday, May 27, we seeded the peas.

On Wednesday, May 29, we built raised beds and seeded the rest of the garden. We did rectangles/square beds of things this year, instead of long rows like usual. Curious to see how it goes.

This Wednesday, June 5, mum seeded most of the raised beds. We still have a few more things to put in, onions and swiss chard.

Just over a week out and our corn and peas are starting to come up, yay!

This is a late start for us, we usually try to get the garden in a little earlier. Glad to see the peas coming up because they like to germinate a little cold. I was worried they'd be unhappy because we've already had some +30 days this year, which is weird for May.

Radar is a much better flower crown model.

Just before I left for Terrace I found myself a little Jasmine plant. It's doing well so I'm excited about that. I still haven't managed to track down a Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis). However, I did discover that there is a tea plantation on Vancouver Island, Westholme Tea in the Cowichan Valley. So I'm hoping that someday I can get out there for a visit, and see if maybe they'd let me buy a cutting or a plant to take home.

That's about it, here's a video update of the garden that I finished up yesterday. Before I left I did some video of various areas of the yard. Here's a before & after comparison video from those first videos to yesterday. Things have grown like crazy! Enjoy!