Baby plantlets are peaking out!

Over the last week there’s been something new popping its head up in the garden every day! Almost everything that was planted on May 29 is up. So let’s just have a photo review of all the little baby plantlets, shall we?

First up we have Woolly Thyme, which feels soft and fuzzy too the touch, and looks inviting…

That is, until you get a little closer, and then it looks downright threatening!

Next up we have the Red Creeping Thyme that is actually starting to develop its little red bits. I’m excited about the thyme, I’m really hoping it will spread well and fill in the spaces around the paving stones that its planted near.


then we have the corn thats jumping up nearly an inch every single day.


Then there is the Simpson Elite Lettuce. This was planted in the raised beds on June 4th. This is the first thing to come up in the raised beds.


We also have our first baby zucchini developing! It showed up on June 8th, this photo is from today. It’s tiny, that’s it next to my index finger!


Next are the beans, they' showed up on June 6 and have grown a fair bit since then. They’re growing nearly as fast as the Corn.


In the beans I found this little earthworm buddy, I wanted to get a closer shot of him but he heard/felt me move and retreated into his little tunnel surprisingly quickly.


The beets are also up and looking quite happy.


The carrots are finally up, they were the last to arrive to the party. The first row, of multicoloured carrots, showed up on June 8th, but the rest didn’t come up until last night or today.


I’ll add another post once some of the other things have come up. Most recently we planted onions, Swiss Chard, and I think my Mum put Broccoli and Cauliflower in as well.

That may be it for the vegetable garden, but it rained a few times today. So lots of the flowers around the yard had lovely water droplets on them while I was out shooting. So, here’s a selection of the ones I couldn’t resist shooting tonight.

Thanks for tagging along for this update, happy gardening!