Limiting Beliefs

You're probably familiar with the idea of limiting beliefs. Its a key concept used in plenty of self-help, mental health, and psychology related writing. I love conceptual ideas. But I find I don't truly understand many of them until they finally hit home very personally for me. Last week, this concept, of limiting beliefs, became suddenly clear for me.

I'm currently learning all about copywriting as a career. I'm also currently reading the book Company of One by Paul Jarvis.

There have been two main ideas swirling in my brain for the last few weeks, seemingly unrelated to each other, they are:

  1. Copywriting is a HUGE field. Extremely diverse in terms of types of copywriting, industries that use it (spoiler: ALL OF THEM), people who do it, theories on how to do it, and ways to actually do it. It's a little bit overwhelming, but also exciting because there is so much opportunity and so many directions to go with it.

  2. That rather than prioritizing business growth as an entrepreneur, it is better to prioritize improving your service level. How can you service your clients better, what can you improve, how can you be more efficient?

Until last Monday these ideas were not connected to each other in my mind.

But then suddenly they collided, and out of the smoke and dust came this realization of limiting beliefs. I can't tell you how my brain got from the explosion to the understanding, because I don't know. I can't follow the leaps my brain makes sometimes. All I can tell you is that afterwards, I realized I have one very significant limiting belief about my self and my skills.

That belief is:

I believe I'm not capable of learning to be better than mediocre at anything, that's for smarter people than me.

Now, I'm not looking for reassurance or sympathy, I'm fine, seriously. I am totally ok. Frankly, I'm grateful for realizing this, even if its a pretty crappy thought to put into words.

So now my challenge is to figure out how to deal with this limiting belief. how do I change this instinctual thought that goes on in my brain?

How do I replace it with something more positive that doesn't hold me back?

Got any tips for that? Articles or books to read? Worksheets to do? Stories about your own experience? Send me all you got. I'm fascinated, and a bit frustrated, and want to learn more about this process.