Paperwhite Ziva Narcissus

Here is the next indoor gardening project I'm starting. Force starting some Narcissus bulbs. Paperwhite Ziva Narcissus. I picked these up at my local garden shop for about $5.

The instructions say to start them in gravel or a rocky setting, so that's why one set is in the jar with the glass marbles. But, my sister's friend posted photos of one she started just in water, and the roots looked super cool, so I'm going to give it a shot.

Further instructions said to fill with water to just below the bottom of the bulb, and then store in a cool place (light or dark), about 10° Celsius, until the stems are about 3 inches tall.

I put my indoor thermometer in the storage room for most of today, and it's sat at about 11° for the whole day. So I've got them sitting in there on a shelf, and I'll keep an eye on them.

They’ve got water, now into the cold dark storage room they go.

I'll do a daily photo of them, like I'm doing with the sprouts, and post a time-lapse video once they're blooming. I won't make you wait until they're totally done for an update since they'll take much longer than 7 days.

I'll post my update on the sprouts tomorrow, day 7 as they'll be ready to eat!