The Context of Words

Most people have a few words they really dislike. They don't like the sound, or the connotations, or the way it feels to say the word. Many people really strongly dislike a lot of curse words. The most common one I can think of is the word "moist." So many people strongly hate that word. Do you have any words you really dislike? Or actually, hate? Words that make you recoil or shudder or cringe or grimace when you hear them? What about in certain contexts? Is there a word that you don't mind when its used in relation to a particular item or situation, but you absolutely hate it used in another context?

I have one that I just really discovered the depths of my dislike for tonight. But only in a particular context. It's the word "love."

I am more than happy to freely admit and discuss that I love my dog, my former dogs, my former cats, my former horses, and other peoples pets. I'm more than happy to admit and discuss my love for plants.

But the word love, in the context of other people, I HATE. The concept of loving humans makes me super uncomfortable, I guess. The idea of discussing love for other people makes me so uncomfortable that I want to vomit, run away, or put my fingers in my ears and say "LALALALALALA" at the top of my lungs. Or perhaps all three in succession.

I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable with the concept of love for other humans. I do occasionally say I love you to people, but not often. The idea of discussing love for people is making my skin crawl and making my anxiety blow up. I've got crazy feelings of shame, fear, disappointment, humiliation, and ignorance. So I'm going to stop for now.

But I want to know, do you have any words, or concepts, that make you respond so viscerally? Good or bad?