Book Exchange #10

Every year on the weekend nearest Ukrainian Christmas my sister hosts a book exchange party. This year is the 10th year running. It's lots of fun, many great friends, and also great food.

The general idea is that everyone brings 2 individually wrapped books and puts it in the pile in the middle of the floor. Then after everyone has eaten, we all pick numbered slips of paper out of a jar.

First round we start from Number 1 and go up. Each person has to either pick a book and unwrap it or steal a book from someone else. If someone steals your book, you get to open a new book or steal again (but from somebody else, you can't steal back).

Second round we work backwards from the top number, same idea. So at the end of round two everyone should have 2 books.

Third round you can choose to take one of your books "off the market" by hiding it behind your back. We work back up through the numbers from 1. Usually, there is a few extra books in the middle at the end of round two because some people bring more than 2, just to make sure there's enough. We usually unwrap the remaining books and leave them in the middle. For the last round, you can trade your book (or books, if you're not hiding one behind your back) with another person, or with one of the books in the middle.

There's lots of banter, lots of laughing, and everyone goes home with a couple of new books. This year I got to bring home The Wisdom of Gratitude by Atria Senior Living, and Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen. I'm excited to get into both of them!