New plants just followed me home

I can't help it. I'm possibly addicted. I picked up these three at the grocery store today because they were just too cute. I couldn't leave them there. I actually walked away from them about 3 times, but we kept having to walk past them to get to items we were looking for, and finally, I just couldn't handle it anymore.

So, today is their day 1 one photos. I'm not sure if I'll do everyday photos of these, or just occasional updates, like the Narcissus. Probably occasional.




Speaking of Narcissus. One got to graduate to upstairs in the light today! The one in the jar with the marbles is nearly 5 inches tall now, so I've carted it upstairs to sit in the light near a window. The other two are still pretty short, so they're still in the dark. Although they are developing, they have lots more roots now, and they're poking up a few more sprouts than before.