Indoor Gardening: re-potting house plants

On Sunday I re-potted two of my newest plants. I figured they could do with some fresh dirt, a little more room, and some fertilizer.

Neither plant actually got a new pot, but they were transplanted out of their smaller pots into the decorative pots they had been sitting in. So now they have a little more room for roots to grow. They are a Peperomia (top left) and a Burro’s Tail or Stonecrop Sedum (top right). I’m not sure which variety of sedum yet because its so little still.

I did a few timelapses of the process.

i added a stake to the Peperomia because it was struggling to stay up. Hopefully it’s root system improves with the fresh soil and bigger pot.

I think this is Stonecrop Sedum, because Burro’s tail is a trailing/hanging sedum. But I’m not positive yet.

Both plants have a little cutting from a string of pearls plant. I’m not sure if the ones in the sedum pot will take, but the ones in the Peperomia have definitely started showing signs of putting down roots.

There are a few things I could have done better here:

I should have added in some gravel, or another drainage medium, to the soil, so they don't stay too wet. Because these are all tropicals, they like to be warm and dry out between waterings. They're in a south-facing window where they get sun all day long and are quite warm, so I think they'll be ok. The plants in this south window generally dry out pretty quick, so I'm not too worried about them. If I re-pot them in the future I will add some chunky gravel to the bottom of the pots.

We also started Dracaena seeds today, so here is a few shots from that. This is our first time starting Dracaena from seeds, so we'll see how it goes. We're a bit late, apparently, they should have been started in December.