Indoor Gardening: Narcissus Day 10

Today is day 10 since I started my Paperwhite Ziva Narcissus bulbs. Watching the changes has been interesting.

I half expected each bulb to progress along about the same rate as the others. They've definitely not done that and have progressed at whatever rate is good for each individual bulb. Much like people each one is different I suppose.

The one with the beads in the jar is the furthest along for sure. Its shoot is sitting at around 2 inches right now (measured from the base of the bulb/top of the beads).

The one in the milk jar has the most bountiful roots.

The one in the flower vase has the least amount of, and shortest, roots so far.

They've been sitting in the dark at about 10° for 10 days now. I'm supposed to bring them out when the shoots are around 3 inches tall. I'm going to assume 3 inches from the top of the bulb. So we'll see how long that takes.

I am very pleased that all three of the bulbs are developing. Sometimes you never know how many will actually sprout when you start growing something. For example my pack of alfalfa sprouts has a really terrible yield rate so far. I would guess that I’m only getting about 50% actually growing from each batch.

Gardening is certainly an act of patience and faith.