Things I Love: Crows... in airports

So my brother had a layover in Vancouver airport today. And he encountered a crow in the airport. Just hanging out on the back of some seats in the boarding area. He sent a quick video of it. I was highly amused and started googling. Apparently, all sorts of birds find it fun to venture inside Vancouver airport, fly about the place, and poop on the artwork. The airport themselves has a whole page on their website, Birds in the Terminal, dedicated to explaining how they deal with the birds in the terminal. Unfortunately, the birds seem to like to roost on artwork, so lots of the artwork has to be protected with clear plastic all the time. Apparently getting crows out of the terminal is fairly more difficult than getting other birds out, because crows are so smart.

This particular crow has even gotten to be a little famous with two news articles recently:

“There’s a crow living in YVR airport and, ironically, it’s been pooping on a raven statue” from Global.

“Crow stuck inside YVR airport causes havoc sh*tting everywhere” from Daily Hive Vancouver.

All these photos and the video below were take by my brother, Steve Huether, today.