I really struggle with maintaining consistent water consumption. I know that I feel better, physically and mentally when I have enough water. I aim for 3 litres a day or about 100 ounces. This is close to the rule of thumb of half your body weight in ounces. Technically that puts me at about 85 ounces, but since my new hydration backpack sleeve is 3 litres I just go with that.

I have this app where I can input my water throughout the day, and it grows a plant. Sometimes I do really well and my plant thrives. Other times (if I'm on a 3-4 day stint of barely drinking) my plant dies.

It's incredibly frustrating. I'm at the point in life now where I'm really noticing how my intake of food and liquids affects my body. I notice actual differences in how my brain works (or doesn't), my anxiety and depression, how tired I am, how irritable I am, how much my muscles and bones ache, my flexibility, my attention span, focus, and creativity levels.

Today was particularly bad, I had about a cup and a half of coffee this morning, and that was it, until just now. I also ate a whole bunch of sweets today, while prepping for, and during my grandmas birthday party.

I feel pretty junky now.

But I filled up my hydration sleeve, and I'm plugging away at it now. I definitely won't get 3 litres in before bed, but I'll get as much as I can.

Do you have any tips on how to keep hydrated?

I have to admit, working in an office, sitting at a desk all day, definitely made it easier during the week. I always had water right by my hand and was in the habit of taking a swig regularly. I totally blew it on weekends, but at least it was only 2 days then.