First Try: Cross-Country Skiing

Tonight I got to try out cross-country skiing for the first time. My friend has a few sets of skis and boots, and she took me and my sister out on the groomed trails at the local golf course.

My sister has cross-country skied before, as a teen, although she preferred downhill. I have never skied, basically at all. Once, in grade one, my friend's mum tried to teach me and my friend how to ski. We somehow managed to get up the toe rope on the bunny hill. Then I think I went across the small slope sideways once, crashed, and walked down the hill. And I've never had skis on ever again. As a teen, I snowboarded a little bit. That was definitely easier than skiing as far as I was concerned. But it still wasn't that easy, and I am not a big fan of sitting on my butt in cold snow because I wipe out a lot. Also, it was way to fast and scared the hell out of me because I definitely did not have control of anything.

Cross-country skiing though, that seems like something I could probably manage. And, as it turns out, I can!

When we first started I was like "Oh my goodness, I'm going to be dead in 10 minutes because my legs hurt already!"

I didn't die! We were out for about an hour and a half. We did probably 3-4 kilometres around the golf course, all the way out to the 18th hole and back. There were a few little hills, I wiped out at least 4 times, possibly a few more I don't remember. But, it didn't hurt that much. And I never went careening off at scary speeds I couldn't handle. There was one big hill that we avoided. And I managed the whole time without dying. I know I will be in major pain tomorrow because I never use those muscles.

I had a blast though, and I'm so glad I finally got to try it!

Have you tried out a new sport recently and fallen in love with it?