Radio Silence.

I didn't blog this past weekend. You probably didn't notice, because you are busy and who has time to read all the content of someone who blogs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I can't even blame you. I have a couple of subscriptions to daily bloggers. One of them is Seth Godin. I used to read his beautifully short posts every single day, religiously.

Guess what, I can't keep up with it anymore.

I play catch up now. It's relatively quick to catch up with Seth's posts once a week, his stuff is usually very concise, and I almost always find value in it. But it's really difficult to keep up with the daily reading of someone who writes longer stuff. I've learned the same lesson from a video group I'm part of, daily vlogging can be overwhelming for your audience, because they may not be able to keep up.

Also, producing daily takes a toll on the creator as well.

It's one thing for me to post a photo every day. if I averaged out the time spent taking, editing, and posting daily photos, it would probably work out to around 5 minutes a day. A photo with a short, or even non-existent, the caption doesn't require much from me or the viewer. It doesn't necessarily ask you to stop, give me your attention, and listen to me for a bit.

Writing a blog post every day, or producing a video as a daily vlogger, involves a lot more work on the part of the creator, and requires a lot more mental capacity from the audience. It requires a significant amount of effort and thought. Sure, creating every day can really help you distill your creative process down to an extremely efficient exact science, and help make it a habit quickly. But it still requires a good chunk of effort and energy every day.

I'm assuming you didn't miss my blog over the weekend.

There's a good chance there are posts from last week or the week before or last month that you haven't gotten round to reading. That's awesome! You get to consume at a rate that's right for you, regardless of the rate at which I produce.

All this to say, I'm not going to blog on weekends anymore. Unless some idea gets stuck in my head that I just HAVE to put out there.

Yesterday we had an epic sunset. My mum said she doesn’t know if she’s ever seen one that intense before. Of course, I did not go out and photograph it. Today’s sunset was decidedly weak. That’ll learn me.

I've been doing this daily blogging thing, except for a few days where I purposefully chose not to, since the end of August 2018. At this point, I've got it down to a fairly efficient process that doesn't stress me out. It's also become a habit at this point, and it’s something I generally enjoy doing. But I also need a break sometimes, to maintain my own mental health

I think I'm unlikely to fall off the wagon at this point and quit completely. But, hold me to that. If I quit blogging entirely at some point in the near future, feel free to call me on that, publicly, on social media.