The King's Speech

Part of my writing homework this week was to watch The King’s Speech. Yes, this is legit homework, its research. I'm not much of a movie fan, so I've been putting it off. Earlier in the week I dug up the screenplay and started reading it. Finally this evening I started watching after I finished reading the script. It's a very good movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The reason I am to watch it is to observe how the writers demonstrated that the idea of public speaking was something worse than the idea of death for King George VI.

I'm struggling. One of the reasons I don't love movies is because I don't feel like I catch all the subtle things that one should notice. I also dislike how the movie never exactly matches the book or even the screenplay in this case.

I often feel like I miss a lot of social cues, in movies and in real life, many jokes fly right over my head. I often laugh along anyway, rather than ask for an explanation if it doesn't seem important.

Back to the movie...

So, I clearly see how King George VI found public speaking terrifying. But I still don't really understand why he found it so terrifying. I feel like there was something left out explaining what originally caused him to start stammering. Or did I miss it? Was it because he was teased as a child by his father and brothers?

I don't know. I have to think on it more. Perhaps read the screenplay again.

Sometimes I feel like I'm smart. Sometimes I feel like I'm completely dim and woefully naive and that I have misunderstood and miscomprehended everything I've witnessed.