The importance of recovery

I knew when I planned everything for my Sunday-Monday trip to Calgary this week that I was going to be completely exhausted after. It was two days of almost non-stop people-ing, as well as a fair bit of travel time, and "on-time" for my two scheduled photo shoots and a meeting with a potential client. Then an hour after I got home yesterday I had to go to work at the yoga studio for a few hours, luckily I got to take a class while I was there.

Basically, it was two straight days of flipping my switch from Introvert to Ambivert. That takes a toll on me.

Unsurprisingly when I got home last night I was feeling pretty rough. I knew that today I would need to give myself time and space to rest. So, in between the few things I did accomplish, I let myself nap a few times. I did some work on a client project right after I woke up, and then I let my body tell me what could and could not be done for the rest of the day. I feel a lot better this evening as a result. I saw a friend for lunch today, I went to a yoga class, I did a yard-cleanup task, and I worked on that client piece for a while.

Productivity wise, not much. But if I hadn't taken time to rest, if I'd forced myself to get up and do a whole bunch of tasks, then tomorrow and the rest of this week would be a write-off. I'd have been low-grade irritable, tired, and not doing good work for the rest of the week.

Make sure to give yourself time to rest. That whole "Sleep is for the dead" thing is a good way to end up dead. Sleep and rest are essential.