Artist Feature: Drezbee

Andrea, the artist behind Drezbee on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy, has been drawing for a long time. Her art style has developed into a unique, fun, and beautiful niche in the last few years. I would describe her style as intricate and imaginative, with very relatable characters. There is a very zen-like feel to her work. Currently, Andrea's primary medium is pen and paper, though she experiments with a variety of different types of markers and colored pencils. Her art features mushrooms and other fungi, and Mushroom Keepers and Mushroom Yetis. The Mushroom Keepers may be my favourite element. I imagine them to be very dedicated, hard-working, gentle beings that really care about their work. I feel like they're very curious and full of wonder about their environment. I also feel like they must have a quirky sense of humour where they occasionally play gentle pranks on each other.

Andrea is based in Seattle and has just recently been able to go full time with her art. You can find samples of her work on Instagram and Facebook, and you can buy her art pieces from her Etsy shop. I have a canvas on my wall from her, and it's still one of my most favourite pieces of art.

Here are a few of my current favourite pieces: