It's been a day. I've spent most of it writing. Drafting blog posts for the days I'll be away this week. I've loved it. It's been a bit challenging, but mostly it has felt good. Putting words together feels good. I love words. I love writing. This is what I love doing. Put headphones on, startup my new favourite playlist, Electronic Concentration, on Spotify, and start typing. 
It's like breathing. My brain feels more settled than usual, calmer.  So sanity is just on the other side of 2200 words a day. And I've loved that I got to break it up with other things. Lunch. Catching up on some youtube videos. Horseback riding. Meals. Cups of tea. And yet I still got the work done. 
Funny eh... Yet dominant corporate culture still believes we can't actually be productive unless we sit in a lifeless cubicle between the hours of 8 and 5. I have so many thoughts on corporate culture. Probably best saved for another day, a long way in the future...