Fear is an efficient procastinator.

I haven’t written a small story in 15 days
I haven’t filmed anything in 20 days.
I haven’t taken a photo with my DSLR in 7 days.

So on Wednesday this past week, I got it together and did all of the things.
Here are my thoughts on why I’ve been avoiding these things.

It’s all been fear-based. Fear of progress. Fear of growth. Fear of the future. Fear of being vulnerable.

I had a lot of excuses for not doing these things. Many of which are even fairly legitimate: moving my sister out of her house, stress at work, refereeing my dog and my sister's new puppy, and planning for my birthday party (it's this weekend, stay tuned for SO MUCH PURPLE! Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some video as well as photos).

The thing is, when I’m excited about something, I don’t let things like this become excuses. I work around them to still get what I want done while also getting the needed things done. When I’m scared, I allow these types of tasks to justify my inaction.

So, cheers to recognizing when I’m afraid. That’s a step in the right direction, right?

Also, cheers to the freakin’ weekend.

Here are some photos and the video from Wednesday night.

You can click on the photos to open them larger and see the full thing instead of the square crop.

This video is not particularly exciting, I was just practicing panning right. But hey, I filmed stuff, and I put it together, edited it, found a song, and posted it on Youtube!