Just a Beach


It’s just a beach. It could be any old beach really. It’s not spectacular. But it's reasonably long and wide. And the sand is as decent as it gets at any small Alberta lake. There’s a long gravel parking lot, a shower/bathroom building, a small playground, some picnic tables, and a beach volleyball net. It’s groomed regularly, perhaps even daily.

And it's quiet, for now.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 4-5 other people there. At the far end of the beach there’s a bit of a poplar wood. With a path sort of cleared through it. It’s nice to walk in.

I love it. I love it intensely because I wish I had discovered it sooner, and I know that it won’t be too much longer until everyone else discovers it as well.

There’s a big marketing and development plan for the area. They’re paving the gravel road out to it. They’re building a golf course. A little bit south of the beach there is a large boat launch with a whole set of private slips for the residents who live in the housing development. There’s an RV pad camping site.

I don’t know if the beach is never busy or if I just manage to go at odd hours when everyone else has left or not yet arrived. But it's quiet, and it's empty and even if people are around you can be far enough away from them to not feel like you are intruding. Tonight there was some people with a large dog just leaving as we arrived, and then a couple of teenagers playing frisbee, and the ever present conference of seagulls.

My nephew could run around, from the playground all the way down to where I was at the water’s edge as much as he wanted. Never worrying about getting out of sight or too close to other people or being to loud. He could run the entire length of the beach if he wanted.

One of the best parts of this beach, is that dogs are allowed on-leash. Provincial parks, which happen to be on most decent beaches, don’t allow dogs on the beach at all. So Radar can come, and I can put her on the long line and throw the frisbee for her, and she can go in and out of the water as she likes. The shower building is heated and the water is always warm, It’s always clean, besides sand that collects through the day. There is a warm outdoor shower on the back of the building as well.

It's just so quiet, and peaceful, and un-crowded. I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can before it gets crowded. I can’t even blame them for wanting to market it and develop it. It’s way nicer than the other beaches on the lake, and it's a prime spot for development of a cottage community. But, I’m also a bit resentful. I want it to stay a secret. So it's always quiet and peaceful and empty for me and my dog. I know that’s not practical, but I still want it.