You fill the time

Jack Frost gets done whatever he can in the time he has each night.

Jack Frost gets done whatever he can in the time he has each night.

I've heard the idea many times that you expand or compress your work to fill the time you have, whether you actually need that time or not (to a point, obviously, there are some things that cannot be compressed past a certain limit and still be considered complete). Similarly, the idea that constraints actually force you to be more creative.

I agree with both of these concepts.

It is 11:30. My computer has 8% battery.

I have to get up at 3:45 to drive someone to the airport.

I just finished my writing assignment for the book for this week.

I've laid here debating whether I should just skip Saturday's blog post.

But, I'm not. I'm going to write about how I have fit the priority things into the time I have today. It's been go-go-go most of the day. But I've still managed to power through that assignment which I didn't think I'd get to until tomorrow. No, its not beautiful writing, but its more about the structure and planning and backstory. It's not something that will ever be part of the book, it just helps me to flesh out the information behind the book so that I can write it better. And I powered through a blank page. When I started I had basically no ideas, but as I started typing, trying to get the piece done as quickly as possible, ideas started coming out. And I got it done. Sometimes its ok to work under pressure.

Example two, I wrote this blog. It's not beautiful, and maybe it won't make sense to some people. But it's done. Done is better than perfect because perfect doesn't exist. I've completed two things in a little bit of time I had left in this day. If I'd had more time perhaps I would have agonized and over analyzed and over-thought them. So cheers to sticking to commitments and getting things done and being creative within constraints.

  • Done is better than perfect.

  • Constraints force creativity.

  • You expand or compress the work you have to fill time you have.

p.s. I did take a self portrait today, however I have not had time to get to photo editing today so that will be posted tomorrow.