If I were a gingerbread cookie, I would be all purple, like this one.

Today was one of those whirlwind days where there was a million different things going on and many things to do. It was a good day but it was packed. There was also a big brain power thing today that had my mind reeling with possibility and fear and excitement. I will write about that thing another day. I did not have time to get out and take pictures with my camera, so today's self-portrait was a true selfie on my iPhone.

To keep my energy up for tomorrow and to finish up the last few things tonight I'm going to write down some things I was grateful for today, and then get on with the last few items on my to-do list.

  1. It was sunny and beautiful for more of the day, in spite of the -13

  2. I got my flu shot, finally, and barely even felt the needle. Excellent shot! My shoulder is sore now, but that should wear off by tomorrow I think

  3. I got to have a voice chat with Ksenia Anske, an excellent writer who also happens to provide excellent writing coaching and advice.

Cheers to good days!