Pet Photography

So Radar's new coat arrived today (hooray for Cabela's gift cards when I'm broke!), so it was as good of an excuse as I needed to take pictures of her. I love taking pictures of the dogs. I harbour this mildly outrageous sort of secret wish to do pet photography as a significant portion of my career. I think in a perfect world I would do individual portraits, like lifestyle & branding sessions for people, and then pet (including large animals) + owner sessions, and then pet only sessions. The idea of trying to make that viable terrifies me. Even though I know people do it.

On that note, if you live in Central Alberta and are willing to let me practice on your pet, please drop me a noteā€¦

If you want to see a truly awesome pet photographer that I really admire, check out Wally & Roops Pet Photography on Instagram.

Also, enjoy these photos of Radar in her new Hurtta hi-viz Extreme Warmer from Cabela's.