Listen, ALL I currently care about photographing is birds in flight, between my bird feeder and the tree, right now. So, if you're getting bored of bird photos, feel free to trample off for a while and find different entertainment, I won't be offended. However, if you think birds caught mid-flap are as bloody awesome as I do, well then PULL UP A CHAIR, because I've got 23 shots today!

This, up here ^^^ makes up for my forgotten memory card yesterday. TWO Northern Flicker woodpeckers in my tree at the same time, close enough to get them in the SAME shot! You have NO idea how excited I was about this!

And this guy ^^^ was just too cute not to feature.

And now, onto the (snicker) flappy snaps. If you click on one of the images it will enlarge it and you should be able to click through them all.