Me, on a cup.

My friend Eleanor made me this amazing mug for my birthday in July. Since then I've been struggling to figure out how to photograph it so the etching shows clearly. I've attempted several times and never succeeded until I tried this tonight. I held it directly under a lightbulb, like 3 inches away. It worked, finally, which I'm thrilled about because I think its one of the coolest gifts I've received. These photos don't really fit into my actual-pictures-of-my-face-self-portraiture goal, but I think it is incredibly representative of me. It's got the back of a camera on it showing my dog and nature on the screen.

Really, what more is there to my life besides my dog, photography, and going outside in the woods?

Nothing, that's what.

Oh, and it also has my name on it, just in case you were considering stealing it.

Enjoy my awesome mug.