Mental Health: Observation


A little while ago I decided that I wanted to focus my blog a little more, instead of just writing about random topics. So, it may seem like I'm still writing about random topics, but my goal each day when I write is to tie my blog post (sometimes its a very vague connection) to mental health, photography, or mindfulness. Since then, most everything has been somewhat tied to mental health. I think that is the one topic of the three that is the easiest, or most familiar for me.

I am watching a video right now, from Jessica Kellgren-Fozard with Rowan Ellis about mental health. It's a great video, also there is a ton of other amazing content on Jessica's channel, so check out some other videos of hers.

Anyway, the mental health video is really interesting. It tweaked an observation, or idea in my head. I'm not exactly sure what triggered the idea, but it is this: it will be interesting to watch how my mental health fluctuates as I am on this new journey of looking for remote work, photography work, writing work, etc.

So far, I've mostly noticed positive mental health changes since not being in an office anymore. I think I'm generally more positive, if not obviously I feel more positive inside my head like my internal monologue is more positive. I'm more productive with my writing, photography, and videography. I'm spending way less time on twitter and youtube. I don't wake up dreading each day. I'm not exhausted in the ways I used to be. And, I definitely find it helpful to be able to get up and do something else, like have a snack, or go outside, or read something, or watch a video, or do laundry, or wash dishes, or walk my dog, when I'm feeling stumped with work stuff, because I don't have to justify that break to anyone else anymore. I don't have to worry that someone might think I'm taking too many breaks. I've also found that I'm much more productive in the evenings, after supper and late into the night, than I ever was during regular offices hours. I think I've also had an easier time reaching out to people when I do feel really shitty and letting them help me pick myself back up.


Anyway, those are mostly good things. I'm sure there will be really hard days. And it will be interesting to see how I handle those days on this new path in life.