I mentioned a while ago that one of my favourite podcasts is Philosophy Bites. Today I had a bunch of philosophical thoughts while discussing the topic of love and self-love with my friend.

The general consensus we both agreed on is that love is very complex.

And that sent me off onto the philosophical tangent that maybe love isn't really as complex as we make it out to be. Maybe, love is actually really simple in its purest form (I resent the word pure nearly as much as the word normal). I thought that maybe, if we all (literally everyone in the world) sat down and had more philosophical conversations with the people around us, and talked through things, that perhaps we'd find exponentially better ways of being and could work towards a much better global society.

But then the alternate side is that philosophizing always seems to take a long time to do. So perhaps we'd all just end up dying of thirst and starvation since no one would be out collecting water and food.

Either way, the planet would probably be better off, whether we find ways to be better humans, or we cease to exist.

Here's today's self-portrait. As mentioned yesterday I'm getting bored of "Briana in front of the lake" and "Briana in front of the forest" photos.

I mean, technically speaking, this is still Briana in front of plants. But perhaps it is more interesting than just standing or squatting off in the distance in front of things?