Information OVERLOAD.

Why yes, my dog does think I’m strange.

I currently have 19 tabs open in my browser. 1 is email, 1 is a client document, 1 is facebook. The rest are articles, websites, blog posts, videos, etc. All potentially valuable content about starting a blog, SEO, writing advice, course development advice, or guest posting guidelines. My email inbox has 23 unread emails (down from about 40 this morning) containing similar content (and one about gardening, just because I have to have some balance).

Information overload is a REAL THING. Elna Cain talked about it in a recent email, and I'm am hyper-aware of how I am experiencing it right now. I'm not overwhelmed to the point of throwing it all away and giving up, but I definitely have more information on my plate than I can realistically deal with in a timely fashion unless I were to dedicate a full 8 hours per day for a week to just consuming this content. And really, would consuming that information for 8 hours a day really be helpful?

Unequivocally, NO.

I could spend all week reading that, but next week I would forget probably 90% of it. Because I can't possibly put all of it into action at once.

On top of that I am also still wasting time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram for no reason (51 minutes already today, and that's only on my phone. I've also been on my laptop for quite a while this afternoon.) 

So, what to do?

  1. Stop signing up for email courses about these topics for at the least a week or two.

  2. Break it down. Read at minimum one article a day.

  3. Start using a site blocker extension to limit facebook time.

My friend Andrea made a good point today, she noticed the same thing a little while ago, and then realized that a lot of the things she was subscribed too were delivering similar information. So she picked one and stuck with it, and got rid of the rest. So I may try that after this week too.