Unnecessary Identity Crisis

pssst, Briana, your “stand in the environment” selfies are monotonous.

I have been having an identity crisis this week. I've gotten a couple of emails from Facebook asking:

"What type of place is Briana Huether Photography? It looks like Briana Huether Photography is not a local business or place. Please let us know what type of page this is. If we haven't heard from you by October 19 the Page won't be listed as a place people can check in."

As an over-thinker full of existential angst I read the first part of this and took it to mean that because I wasn't posting enough photos on my page, that they didn't think I was really a photographer. And that since I have mostly been posting blog posts, that maybe I should change my page description from "photographer" to "public figure" or "blogger" or something like that.

And that's when the existential crisis really started to set it. Because then I started to think about it.

Am I a photographer who blogs?

Or am I a blogger who takes photographs?

What if I registered the wrong business name! Maybe I should have just registered "Briana Huether Creative" or "Briana Huether Information Design" or something more generic than photography! What if it turns out that I enjoy blogging more than photography and I don't even do photoshoots anymore, and then my Facebook page name will be a lie! What if Facebook kicks me out for lying that I'm a photographer when really all I do is blog and take a photo to go with it?!

Right before I fell asleep last night I even thought "well, screw Facebook, it doesn't matter what they think, because I can be ALL THE THINGS on my website and I don't have to cram myself into their stupid little specific boxes!"

So then today I went to the email on my computer and clicked on the link (it hadn't worked when I tried it on my phone) and as it turns out, all they wanted to know was whether or not my business was a place that people could "check in" at on their statuses.

Being philosophical can be very fun, but it can also make mountains out of molehills that don't even exist.