Things I Love: Netflix Shows


I don't often watch TV. In fact, I don't even own a TV. When my sister moved in with me she brought her TV with her. I have indulged in a few Netflix binges since then. The four shows I've binged on so far are as follows.

Big Dreams, Small Spaces - Monty Don

If you don't know who Monty Don is, then I don't know if we could ever watch TV together. Obviously, we couldn't garden together. In this show, Monty travels around the country offering advice and assistance to help people achieve the garden of their dreams in tiny garden spaces. The transformations are beautiful and surprising, and Monty is, as ever, inspiring.

Love Your Garden - Alan Titchmarsch

In this series, Alan and his intrepid team tackle boring, drab, and notoriously inaccessible gardens owned by people who have dedicated their entire lives to taking care of family members with terminal illnesses or disabilities. They turn these gardens into an oasis for each family that allows everyone to safely access and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space.

Cabins in the Wild - Dick Strawbridge and Will Hardie

Cabins in the Wild is a cabin design contest. Each episode features two cabin designers competing against each other for a place in the final competition at the end of the series, to be part of a pop-up hotel. The designers come up with, and pull off, some amazing designs. Every single cabin is gorgeous. I want to stay in each one. The scenery in this show is also stunning as it takes place in Snowdonia, and they make sure to feature it significantly in the filming.

House Doctor - Tracy Metro

When I watched the first episode of this show I thought I was going to end up hating the show and the host (she's a very classicly flamboyant, loud, opinionated American). In this show, American interior designer Tracy Metro helps homeowners clear out, stage and do minor renovations to help sell their homes as quickly as possible. Each of the homes has been sitting on the market for a long time with only a few viewings. But, I've actually fallen in love with her and the show. Its funny, and she does some really impressive work staging homes to help them sell quickly. It's fascinating to see the variety of places she works on, and what she manages to pull off so quickly and on pretty tight budgets.