Learning New Skills: Video Editing

At the beginning of this week I had the hare-brained idea to start doing daily vlogs while I walk Radar in the mornings. I've called it Vlog & Walk the Dog.

Surprisingly, I've actually kept up so far. Today's vlog is later than usual going up because I wasn't able to edit immediately after filming like usual.

I thought this would be the best way to improve my filming and editing skills as fast as possible. I think its working, I've learned some new things so far this week. And I think getting out for a walk every single morning has gotten me good and awake and ready to do stuff when I get home. I think I've been more productive this week than in previous weeks.

Learning these new skills is great, and challenging myself is really fulfilling. But there is definitely a level of frustration at being a beginner at something. I know that a few years ago I was really slow with culling and editing photos from photoshoots. These days it doesn't take me long to get through a set of photos. I know that eventually I will improve my skills at filming, recording audio, and editing, and be able to achieve what I want more quickly. But for now, I'm pretty slow.

Anyway, cheers to learning new things and putting it out there into the world!

Check out today’s video and let me know what you think in the comments.