I somewhat consciously chose not to blog yesterday.

It was somewhat conscious in that I think I knew I needed a day off from it, but I hadn't voiced it yet. I had a photo-shoot yesterday morning, and after that, I spent the rest of the day with my dog, and in the evening I went to watch Hocus Pocus with friends.

I went for a walk with my dog out by a lake near Lacombe. We wandered out way past the end of the beach to a small spit of land that sticks out into the lake. It was quiet and warm, and no one else around. Just me and Radar and the lake. There were a few boats on the lake, but nothing too disruptive. It was a great few hours, and much needed. Afterwards, I chose to go watch the movie and subconsciously knew that meant I would not end up blogging. But by the time I went to bed I was at peace with that.

I think its good to take a break every now and then.