New-to-me Lighting! :D

I'm shooting a kids dance class this coming weekend. Shortly after I nailed down the details I figured I'd better get out my flashes and get practised up to use them in that kind of a setting. So I did. And it turns out one of my Speedlites has decided it's time to have a melodramatic possible death. As in it turns on, I can change its settings, and it charges up, but the zoom motor sounds super slow and laboured, and it won't actually fire, not even a test flash.

So, I'm getting to know two new-to-me Yongnuo Speedlites that a very gracious friend passed on to me.

Color me impressed! Yongnuo is somewhat of a knock-off brand name. They tend to replicate things the big brands make and sell them way cheaper. I read online that some people think they feel really cheap and junky. I honestly don't think they feel any different from my Canon Speedlites. Also, you can genuinely figure out how to use them by watching Canon 600 series Speedlite videos. I'm really loving them so far. They're not only easier to use than my Canon 430-EXii Speedlites, but they're also way more powerful, recharge faster, and do high-speed sync way better!

As you can tell, my dog and nephew are extremely impressed with my new and improved lighting skills.

ooooh, rim light! Look at those whiskers!