Bentley - possibly the cutest little town in Central Alberta

So now that I work in Lacombe, and its getting warm-ish (currently hailing), that I should start riding my bike to work. My bike has been sitting for awhile, so I figured it needed a tuneup. This morning, my sister and I headed out to Bentley, so I could take my bike to Bentley Cycle. 

We stopped at The Cross-Eyed Giraffe for a fantastic breakfast of homemade cinnamon buns, pan scramble and coffee. It was super yummy!


After breakfast we stopped by Past Connections Emporium, an antique shop. I wasn't allowed to take photos inside which was unfortunate. They have a beautiful collection. 

Then we headed across the street to Queen Bea Clothing Marketplace (also on Instagram), an adorable little clothing shop. Sheila, the owner was super friendly. She has fantastic assortment of unique clothes, including a wide selection of natural eco-friendly fibres. She also has a great selection of accessories like purses, scarves, and really unique jewelry. I bought a pair of bamboo leggings for $27. I'm excited to see how comfy they are, bonus that they're bamboo. It was such a cute shop, I'll definitely be returning!

After Queen Bea's I dropped my bike off at Bentley Cycle, a super friendly family business, with a great selection of bikes. I'm hoping to take my mom back and convince her to buy a bike when I pick mine up next week.

After dropping the bike off we drove around some of the back streets of Bentley, checking out all the adorable little houses. There is so many small, cute houses in Bentley. I'm thinking I might like to live there someday when I can buy a house, such a cute little down. Bently is definitely worth a visit if you're in the area. 
On our way home we stopped by to check out Sandy Point, on the west side of Gull Lake. It looks like a pretty nice beach so we'll definitely head out there again when it warms up.

Central Alberta has got some great little communities and small businesses, hopefully I can check out a few more this summer.