I <3 MOOCs

I started a new (read: AWESOME) job in January. As part of my training for this job I’m working my way through two MOOCs. What the hell is a MOOC you say?
MOOC stands for: Massive Open Online Course

Most MOOCs have an audit option, where you can take the course for free, you just don’t receive a certificate for completion. Lots of course have an option where you can pay around $50 and then you will get a grade and a certificate.

I love MOOCs because they allow me to continue learning new things about the world. I really miss that aspect of being in school. It gives me exposure to new ideas and perspectives which helps me adjust my own views and beliefs. MOOCs also give me the opportunity to explore some of the interest areas that I discovered in uni, but was unable to pursue in depth due to other class requirements and scheduling conflicts.
As Henry Ford said, “anyone who keeps learning stays young.”  Similar to any other practice (yoga, meditation, running, working out), it becomes somewhat easier if you do it regularly. I’ve included a list of some of the MOOC’s I’m currently taking, as well as a few sites to check out if your interested in taking a class.

Library Advocacy Unshushed
Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education
Indigenous Canada (this one starts in March, so I haven't gotten into it yet)

U of A

Go do some looking, theres bound to be a free course somewhere about a topic you're interested in!